Cыроедение и паразиты


A large number of different living organisms live in the human body. Some of them are useful, but there are those that are harmful. Parasitizing in the body, pests can multiply, under favorable conditions, to such an extent that their activity begins to undermine human health.

A little bit about the life of parasites

It has long been proven that almost every person in the body has parasites. The most famous of them are worms. They live not only in the intestines, but also in other organs: the heart, liver, lungs, and even in the brain. They take food from their blood. Most worms have oral suckers and hooks, with which they are fixed and bite into the flesh. Thus, they cannot simply be removed from the organ.

In a person who uses ordinary food, a huge layer of mucous mass accumulates in the intestine with age, in which the parasites feel comfortable. Gradually increasing in number, worms suck blood more and more, which is why the body is forced to strain the blood-forming organs more and more. The amount of toxins from the life of pests is poisoning a person more and more. Soon, the struggle of organisms for life reaches a level at which worms begin to dictate their conditions.

For some reason, a person begins to have a headache, make noise or ring in his ears. There are abdominal pains and stool deteriorates. Skin signs may appear in the form of rashes or individual acne. Often you want to eat, and not everything in a row, but something that causes satisfaction among worms. And it seems to a man that he loves it.

Are raw food eaters parasites

For raw foodists, the question of the presence or absence of parasites in their body is also important. When switching to fresh nutrition, the intestine is gradually cleared of accumulations of mucus. Some products negatively affect the activity of worms. The biological activity of fruits helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and boost immunity. Hence, resistance to harmful organisms increases, and they feel no longer so comfortable. But this still does not solve the problem, since the «tenants» who have taken root in the body will not go anywhere, even though their life has become less sweet.

In order to get rid of them, cardinal cleaning is necessary. After it, the likelihood of infection with worms decreases significantly.

Methods for cleaning parasites

For quick cleansing of the intestines from mucous congestions, experienced raw foodists recommend starvation. For starters, it will be enough one day a week. With the mucus all the rubbish accumulated over many years, including some parasites, goes away. To cleanse the intestines, liver cleansing is also added. All harmful substances also come out of it.

When the intestines are cleaned, you can do antiparasitic cleaning. There are several ways to clean:

  1. Eucalyptus-lemon. It consists in the fact that for 8-10 days it is necessary to drink lemon juice late in the evening, and in the morning put an enema from a decoction of eucalyptus with the addition of eucalyptus oil. Before cleansing the intestines with ordinary warm water. After enemas, more lemon juice is injected into the rectum. Eucalyptus essential oil, when injected with hot broth, evaporates, penetrates further than the liquid through the intestines and has a detrimental effect on worms. Lemon juice, drunk and introduced into the rectum, will also not like parasites. In helminths, muscles are relaxed and, detached from the flesh of the intestine, they are expelled.
  2. Garlic. It is also called the Genghis Khan method. For this method, you need a glass of peeled garlic cloves and a liter or a little more juice with sourness. After a hungry peeling, this garlic, cut into long slices and dried, is swallowed whole and washed down with the prepared juice. Do this procedure before bedtime. Such an amount of garlic should have a detrimental effect on helminths that have settled in the intestines.
  3. Soda. Dissolve soda in heated water and put enemas for half an hour. Before the procedure and after cleanse the intestines with plain water. Do it several days in a row, at least a week.
  4. The use of various fruits, berries and herbs is considered to be simpler but less effective methods.


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